Liz go through this blog when Liz came across few comments from readers out there. Seriously, Liz is very happy to read those wonderful comment from readers all over the world.Really grateful and appreciate it. =)

However, there are some news that want to share with all of you.

1. Since this blog is educational blog, there is only one project will be reported in this blog. There will be no continual project in this blog. Sorry to disappointed some  readers out there.

2. We are very happy to share this idea with reader out there. Therefore, we had uploaded the program and the instructions at this blog. If you need this project as references, fell free to downloaded but we will be very much appreciate if can acknowledge us in your reference. This is a recognition for our hard work.

3. Millions thanks for all the readers from all over the world that like our this little tiny blog.

4. By the way, four of us currently busy with our own life as teacher. We had been posted to the various places in Malaysia with same mission to educate our new generations. Life is so far so good with up and down of course. Sometimes, yes, we are tired with the real world facts, with daily routine but we really do happy with what we had did. Never regrets for what we had decided back few years past.

With all the loves, we are looking forward to hear from readers soon.

Liz LIng


heY aLL…

after such long time, finally updaTe. (wink wink)

Well, finally four of us graduate fro our degree. It is really great and the feelings is hard to express. The feeling of the hard works and finally being paid. Our final QUT degree result is known as well. So happy and all of us did well. We now are waiting for our posting and we are going to be a teacher. We are going to teach kids. Wah, cant wait for it. So amazing to touch the heart of the little kids.

This entry is out of topic but it will tell all the progress of this group after the semester end. As last semester end, this group memory remain as memory. However, the group members  still always see each another, talk to each another as well. Today, the result for this unit had come out. We are so lucky that our group score a good pointer. We are happy because our hard work paid. Just to inform the readers, this blog is still active where i do welcome discussion in this blog. Feel free to share some interesting ideas with us.. Till then, adios..

After a week of process of brainstorming and try and error, we had encounter several problems and circumstances. Therefore, in the process of thinking of the solution, we suddenly came out with the new idea. The theme is still the same “Cleaning Robot”. Now, we have two choice of the robot. Doubt in choosing with best idea, Azri then say ” why not we develop programs or both idea first. Then, we try to built the design. Test it and we see the result”. We agree with that.

idea 1 —  Cleaning desk robot.

The problem is the students find difficulties to clean the wide area surface such as table. Therefore, the robot will help to clean the table. In this design, the sensors used is ultrasonic, light and sound.

idea 2 — Pick Up the Garbage Robot.

Main important point in this design is the conveyor belt at the wheel. The robot will detect the garbage at then pick up the garbage using its conveyor belt at the wheel. The sensors used in this design is ultrasonic, light and sound as well.

By now, the program for both ideas are ready. Just the designs of the robot.

well,  now, we are having class. While i am typing this blog, the boys are struggling in producing design for the both ideas.  Guess, I need to stop blogging and help them out.

Till then, stay cute and stay cool.

hey guys,

Well, my idea for traffic light is simple. Just make a simple road like rel road. Using light sensor , the robot will stop when detect the red colour of traffic light. Simple idea only. Therefore, i like the idea that purpose by Khairuddin. Looking furtger  investigation on it.

till the, stay cute guys!