Here some links of other robotic groups from Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia Kampus Teknik, Kuala Lumpur.

We all are the students-teacher in Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) programs who learn regarding Robotic in the semester 01/2009..

Fell free to view all the other blog..

We all had finished in studying this subject. A lot of knowledge and valuable experiences that we had gathered and now its our turn to teach primary students regarding robotic in Malaysian schools.

Special thanks to all the IPGM Teknik Robotic lecturers, Mr. Abd Ghani and Mrs. Nor Rashidah and not forgetten to Mr.Shaun Nykvist from QUT, Australia.

To all friends, may you all be the best teacher in future!

~Good bye and may god bless you all~


This is the end of this robotic blogging. We had passed up all our assessment by 30th of March 2009. We will going out for our internship on 2nd April 2009. We are waiting for this moment. Mix feelings of nervous, excited, happy and also maybe blur blur.

Four of us havent decide yet, either we want to stop blogging in this blog or continue this blog as group blogging talking, dicussing about other topics. Since we all busy with the internship preparation, we havent have time to discuss the future of this blog.We will find a day to disccuss this.

Thanks for all the readers that making this blog meaningful for us. Comments from all had made this project successfully done. We love you all for making this all happen for us.

Till then….

————–The End —————–