This blog is created to meet the criteria of MDZ392 Educational Computing Environment (Robotic) subject for the year 2009.

The members of this group are the Bachelor of Education (B.ED) students on the Design and Technology course of Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia Kampus Teknik (IPTKL) and the twinning program students of Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia (QUT).

The respective lecturer on this subject is Mr. Abd Ghani Bin Ihwan, the lecturer of Electrical Department, IPTKL

This blog will be used as the online dairy for our group as the discussion site and to establish our project and group progress.

The members of DNT4 group QUT 2 are:

1) Khairuddin Bin Abd Rahman

2) Azri Bin Abd Razak

3) Mohamad Fendi Rozaimi Bin Mat Hasli

4) Elizabeth Ling Pei Lee

Kindly please give any positive comments and critique on our ideas to improve on our project in robotic.



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