TCR 2009 Version 2.0 (Final)




Project Concept: Collecting for Cleaning

Project Name: Trash Collector Robot (TCR-2009)

Project Version: Final 2.0

Manufacture Date: 12 March 2009


  1. Collecting trash on floor.
  2. Keep the trash without falling back to floor

Differences between TCR2009 Test 1.0
This final version of TCR2009 do not as “intelligence” as the Test version. The operation of the robot had been set up. But, the improvement of its conveyor (the important part of this robot) had make the final version of TCR2009 is better than the test version. By using TWO NXT Bricks had make the TCR2009 Version 2.0 become more efficient in completing it tasks.

Project Overview
The TCR2009 Version F-2.0 uses two NXT Bricks. The NXT Brick had been programmed to perform different tasks:

  1. NXT 1: Use to move the robots, and rotating the servo motor for the wheels. (Integrate with Ultra Sonic and Sound Sensors)
  2. NXT 2: Use to rotate the four conveyors. (Integrate with Sound sensor and Light Sensors)

This TCR-2009 Version 2.0 uses four sensors, which are 1 Ultra Sonic, 1 Light and 2 Sound Sensors. The purpose of using this sensors are:

  1. Ultrasonic: To detect the ball, and will stop the motor when the ball is near.
  2. Light: To detect the colour of the ball.
  3. Sound1: To make the robot reverse and again move forward after it hears sound (whistle)
  4. Sound2: To stop the conveyor motor after it hear sound (whistle)

The balls (red and blue) are indicated as:

  1. Red: Trash
  2. Blue: Nature (Leaves, Flower pot)

How does TCR-2009 works?
The robot will move forward until the ultrasonic sensor detecting the ball. When it reach 11 cm to the ball position, the robot will stop. Then, the light sensor will scanning the colour of the ball. If the ball is the red colour, the light sensor will give the command to the conveyor to rotating and sucking the ball along the conveyor. If the ball is blue, the conveyor do not perform anything.

The robot will wait for the sound command. When it hear the sound from the whistle, both sound sensor (from NXT 1 and NXT2) will perform the next task. The conveyor will stop immediately, and after 2 seconds, the robot will reverse  for one rotation. Then, the robot will move forward and again try to detecting any balls that being place at the  front of the robot.

Problem and Solution
The major problems is the robot movement accuracy. Even though it had been programmed to move forward, the robot still do not accurately moving straight. After several R&D, the main problems is cause by the wheels. The front wheel need to be appropriately set up at the servo motor, and the back wheel need to being modified in order to make the robot do not able to turn (right or left).

The other problem is the light sensor position. For the first test, the light sensor is being place at the right of the robot. But, this had make the sensor do not able to detect appropriately the exact colour of the ball because the sensor is too high. Thus, the light sensor change it place at the upper of the robot, and will detect the colour of the ball which pass through under the sensor accurately.

The conveyor problems as in Test Version 1.0 had been overcome by the changes of the conveyor positions and by using two servo motor.

Improvement and Enhancement
Many improvement is needed to make the TCR-2009 become more “intelligence”, such as:

  1. The robot need to be programed as the test version, which able to detect the ball that place randomly at the floor. This will make the robot will able to collect any “trash” at the floor, not only the ball that placed at it front.
  2. The robot need to use the wider but smaller tyres. This will increase the robot moving accuracy.
  3. The TCR-2009 only can collect the round shape ball, with the actual size. It cannot to collect the smaller and bigger ball. But, the TCR2009 never being test to collect the box. Thus, for the improvement, the another servo motor at the conveyors is needed to move the conveyor either right or left (to increase and decreasing the size of the ball path between the conveyor). Therefore, the robot will able to collect the small ball, the medium ball, and also the bigger ball.

That all for today, I will explaining and uploading the programming of TCR-2009 in future.

UPDATE: The TCR-2009 Program is now available for viewing and download!

And, I also will uploading the video of the building guide. The video of the TCR2009 performance will be uploading by Miss Elizabeth.

Till then, good bye!

::::Pictures: Credited to Azri Razak::::