This entry is regarding our group presentation. Actually, the presentation is on last Thursday and we supposed upload this entry last Thursday. However, due to the heavy rain that cause internet connection had slow down, we had postpone the uploading process.

Today, finally, I can see the sunshine shine beautifully . So, i decide to upload new entry to this blog. The first entry is regarding our group presentation ( as been say at above).

Our presentation went successfully from the beginning to the end. Thanks to the all group members that arrived at the class on time and thanks to the robot as well. The robot work effectively as we programmed. The lecture also satisfied with our robot even though there are room for improvements.

In this entry, i enclosed some pictures of the presentation.


our project proposal been analyzed by Mr Ghani


explanation during presentation

We haVe handsome guys and cuTe girL in the group, rite?

We haVe handsome guys and cuTe girL in the group, rite?

Well, this is report regarding our presentation. Next update will be the proposal and the video..

tiLL then, Love MyseLf, Love Him, Love Her and Love our Planet