After a week of brainstroming and hardwork to  solve the problems occur for our TCR version 1,  finally we can smile today. Our robot finally not only work accordingly but also a lot of improvements that had been done on it.

We did modified some of the ideas that proposed at the last entry, but we still ensure the early objectives of the project is achieved. We also had add in more sensor, servo motor as well the NXT. Sound like our designed robot is big isn’t it? Well, the robot is not complicated.

Tomorrow is our presentation day and let hope everything will go well. Tonight is the busy night for all the group members as we are preparing the last step for the best presentation tomorrow. Therefore, we promise, after presentation tomorow,first thing we will do is upload the video in this blog. For time being, i upload some great pictures of our robot for all our readers that stop by our blog.

tcr 2009

tcr 2009 2

Dear readers.

(public viewer, QUT friends and lecturers)

These are only 2 pictures of TCR 2009.  Coming, we will upload more pictures, video of the robotics as well the explanation regarding the robot TCR 2009.

— Till then, stay cute, live to the fullest—-