After a week of process of brainstorming and try and error, we had encounter several problems and circumstances. Therefore, in the process of thinking of the solution, we suddenly came out with the new idea. The theme is still the same “Cleaning Robot”. Now, we have two choice of the robot. Doubt in choosing with best idea, Azri then say ” why not we develop programs or both idea first. Then, we try to built the design. Test it and we see the result”. We agree with that.

idea 1 —  Cleaning desk robot.

The problem is the students find difficulties to clean the wide area surface such as table. Therefore, the robot will help to clean the table. In this design, the sensors used is ultrasonic, light and sound.

idea 2 — Pick Up the Garbage Robot.

Main important point in this design is the conveyor belt at the wheel. The robot will detect the garbage at then pick up the garbage using its conveyor belt at the wheel. The sensors used in this design is ultrasonic, light and sound as well.

By now, the program for both ideas are ready. Just the designs of the robot.

well,  now, we are having class. While i am typing this blog, the boys are struggling in producing design for the both ideas.  Guess, I need to stop blogging and help them out.

Till then, stay cute and stay cool.