In previous day, I had mentioned in last entry regarding creating a robotic project based on the Science Syllabus. If you all does not have any objection, I think this concept is suitable for us.

I had come with many ideas, but I had founded that several of my ideas had been made and chosen by other groups for their project. Thus, we need to find other ideas in order to make our project more authentic.

I wanted our project to be creative, using many sensors as possible, just medium-difficulties in programming but it must keep us safe. Based on our experiences in last class, some sensors such as light sensor does not work properly. Thus, we must try to not using light sensors because I’m worried if it will not work on our presentation day later. Therefore, I will effecting on our marks as well.

Here, I wanted to suggest on some ideas.

Idea 1: Sweeping Robot
The idea can be seen on youtube, but we can try to innovate it. We will try to create a “sweeping robot”. It use one ultrasonic sensors to detect the wall, so the robot can move and avoid to hit the wall. Meanwhile, on the below robot, we need to put one servomotor to rotate the cloth as the sweeper. This robot can be use to clean on the floor.

Idea 2: Desk Cleaning Robot
This idea is quite similar with the first idea, but the ultrasonic sensors place is change. The sensor will be at the front and facing down, to detect on the gap of the desk. We will program the robot to turn after it reach to the end of the desk. As the cleaning kit, we will use any cleaning cloth.

I will update if I had come with new ideas. However, I still need to know any ideas from you all. Please make one entry if you had better ideas. Your cooperation is needed.