Next week, we will had several days of free time. We will not have any classes except on the Wednesday only. Therefore, what if we use our free time on the evening on any day, to play with NXT at the lab? We can brainstorming on our ideas to improvise our project.

I also can test on our programming to see whether it is works or not. I looking forward for your opinions. Hopefully we can having more time together in finishing this project.


I had try to search on resources regarding NXT and Lego robotic project in the web. Fortunately, there are a lot of web that helpful for us. Here, I will share the links for you all. It is beneficial for us to be our resources in completing this assignment. Please lend some of your time to see the web below.


Hopefully, this is helpful for you all in gathering better ideas. Please update this entry if you had find any other interesting sources on the web. Till then, good bye.