On the previous entry, Elizabeth Ling Pei Lee had come with brilliant ideas regarding “traffic light” robotic project. This idea is suitable to be implemented in the Health Education in the primary school. But, we will waiting for her to explain further regarding her idea in the next entry.

However, in this entry, I wanted to share on what I had  found on the Malaysian Primary School Science Syllabus. Here is the link to access the syllabus [http://www.moe.gov.my/bpk]. There is one subtopic regarding “Investigating Technology”, and the content of learning needed the students to learn about:

  • How technology can be used to solve problems.
  • Using technology wisely to benefit mankind.

Robotic is one example of technology, and by robotic there are lots of problems that can be solve. Based on the assignment criteria, where we need to create a project that fits into the curriculum. Thus, in my opinion, robotic  in solving general problem is suitable to be as our project for this assignment. However, it still needed some consideration and opinions by other group members.

We can create one general problem, then we will develop several robotic concept to solve this problem.

It is more general and widen, and may not give us difficulties in finding ideas. There are a lot of problems that exist, and we just need to choose one problem. There are also a lot of examples for NXT in solving problems in youtube, and we may just need to innovate the idea or develop a new idea.

For example, Fendi had come with one idea, which to create a robot which can “serve a tea”. This idea is relate with the content of the learning as cited above, where “using robotic wisely to benefit mankind”.  However, I looking forward for any comments from lecturers or my group members on this issues @ ideas.


Hopefully, we can find the fix ideas as soon as possible. As remider, we need to upload the assignment on 13th March 2009, and the final submission is on the end of March 2009.

Thus, in this week I think we must know what robot project that we will do. And next week we will start to create the paper work and the video.

Till the next meeting, good bye.