Our group had held the second meeting, to brainstorming the ideas for our robotic project. We had decided to relate our project with the school syllabus, either in Living Skills or Science. The rationale is, to ensure that our project is significant to be implementing in the educational context it self. In addition, the project that we will create later, may also try to solve some simple problems in daily live.

Idea One:
The idea is to create the “robot race” as our project. This robot will try to teaching the students’ regarding speeds. The builder will create the robot with various design, and we will selecting two or more robots to race. The robot may be build by using different sizes and kind of wheels, different on its aerodynamic, and differences on its weight and height.

This idea is suitable to be implemented in the Science subject, to teach students regarding speed. Furthermore, this idea will able to develop students with fun and interesting environment due to its concept which more toward contest.

Idea Two:
The second idea is to create a “forklift robot”. This idea is to build the robot who able to lifting any objects such as balls. The robots will be use various kind of sensors, such as ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance of object, and light sensor to detect the colour of object.

This idea is very suitable to be adapt in the Living Skills subject. The robot will requires to use a lot of the gears, and it will be suitable to teach the students on how the gears move and works. This idea is adapting from the forklift machine that commonly use in industries where it used to move objects.

These two ideas are only as the introductory idea. We will try to improve and innovate on any our ideas and we will try to find the new ideas later on. We had done many research and finding may sources from the internet in brainstorming our ideas. The example of brilliant ideas that we able to gather from youtube.com are: