11 February 2009

This is our group first meeting after being decided the group members. We had hold a small discussion after Robotics class.

In this meeting, we had discussed several agendas.

Our Agenda;

  • · Our Theme
  • · Explanations of role of each group members

After discussion, where 4 of us had brainstorm our brains, we had decided that built a robot that can be used by the students to investigate the relationship of Force and Energy. However, then, we decided that maybe we need more exploration to see and analyzes others people projects to gain better ideas. Therefore, we had list down our small tasks and will discuss more about it on our next meeting.

Our Tasks;

  • Find and see other resources to gain better idea. Present in next meeting. ( My dear group members, at least 2 per person yah)
  • Analyzes the Malaysia Curriculum and Australia KLAs. (To make sure we are not out of the topic)

Until our next meeting… ( will discuss on project working schedule)

p/s: What is our group name?Forget to discuss today? Urm…